brad pitt dog with brad pitt mane head

Brad Pitt is my dog


We named one of our dogs Brad Pitt because he's just so darned good looking.

The dog I mean.

Because Brad Pitt isn't just some guy- he's come to mean a great looking sexy guy to American culture.

Well, this dog is some looker, so we named him Brad Pitt and that makes Brad Pitt my dog.

Oh yeah, and Brad Pitt used to be my dawg- here's my, Jen and him when we all lived in Pittsburgh:

We were all so happy back then Brad- why Brad, why?

Brad Pitt is my Dog

brad pitt smoking dog

Well, some would argue that Brad Pitt is really Angelina's dog.

I can't disagree. But I hear she's getting rid of him. Maybe cuz she likes this basset hound?

Guy who has everything not happy with nice girl goes after mysterious sexy complicated girl. Becomes obsessed. Sexy girl doesn't like men who like her. She dumps him.

brad pitt angelina jolie pic
Sad picture: Angelina sees something over ther that's more interesting than Brad Pitt- and Brad is unhappy

Been there done that.

Good luck Brad.


We called him Squishy face when he was really young

So some funny things to write, and some great Brad Pitt Pictures- the guy and the dog...

For example, here's Brad Pitt in a shirt:
brad pitt ina black shirt
Brad Pitt picture- black shirt

And then there's Brad Pitt Shirtless:
brad pitt shirtless on bed
Brad pitt shirtless on the bed, waiting for some cute girl dog...

Do you want to email my dog Brad Pitt? Go ahead and I'll put the emails on the site...

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